Lington & Bernie Consulting Limited brings a wealth of industry experience and expertise to the consulting ecosystem. From tax and payroll administration to background records verification, and oil & gas consulting services, our clients can be guaranteed of receiving exceptional value in areas such as:

Tax and Payroll Administration
Tax compliance is no longer treated as an afterthought but has now become an essential part of corporate planning. Our insights will help you minimize your tax burden. Our services include:
  • Corporate Income Tax Planning and Assessment
  • Personal Income Tax Administration
  • Withholding Tax Administration
  • Value Added Tax Administration
  • Tax Acceptance Certificate
  • Payroll Bureau Service

We provide extensive background records verification to mitigate hiring risks and assure our clients of employees' professional and character declarations. Our services include:

  • Academic Certificate Verification
  • Professional Certificate Verification
  • Identity and Address Verification
  • Guarantor Verification
  • Previous Employment Check
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Personal Reference Check

Organizations aiming to attract and retain quality talent would constantly evaluate their employee compensation packages to remain competitive. We help organizations make this strategic decision through benchmarking and industry-based remuneration surveys.

Organizational contexts are constantly evolving. Changing business realities such as mergers and acquisitions, business process re-engineering, and job restructuring make it necessary for organizations to embrace change management strategies to ensure continuous survival in the enterprise. Here we offer consulting services and programmes such as:
  • Positioning for change expectation and proactive management
  • Succession Planning
  • Crisis Management
Most organizations often do not prepare retiring employees for what to expect at retirement. Invariably many employees suffer from post-retirement syndrome. Employees need to be adequately prepared for retirement so as to minimize the trauma accompanying retirement. Our services include orientation of staff in:
  • Goal Setting
  • Funds Management/Estate Planning Strategies
  • Health Care/Medical/Insurance

We offer technical and financial advisory services to the oil & gas industry. Our fiscal and contractual terms advisory services guide our clients in optimizing their operations and resources while minimizing business risks.

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