The Role of HR Business Partners in the Digital Age

The Role of HR Business Partner in the Digital Age

HR Business Partners who will succeed in this digital age and into the future must embrace technology. According to Dave Ulrich, Co-Founder of the RBL Group, there are four phases in the evolution of digital that are important to the effectiveness of HR Business Partners in the 21st Century and beyond. These are Efficiency, Innovation, Information, and Connection phases.

Phase 1: Efficiency
The digitization of your HR processes by deploying technologies such as human resource management systems and employee self-service portals.

Phase 2: Innovation
This refers to the use of technology to refine and transform HR processes within the organization. Innovation can indeed take place from recruitment to performance management.

Phase 3: Information
In the Information Phase, HR Business Partners mine the systems for crucial information about people and performance. Finding useful information from the systems will help the organization make more impactful decisions.

Phase 4: Connection
Ultimately, organizations are only as strong and effective as the connection within the workforce. The HR Business Partner should use technology to create a culture of communication, collaboration, inclusiveness, and shared vision among the workforce.


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