How To Re-Engage the Workforce Beyond COVID-19

Employee Engagement Post COVID-19

How to re-engage the workforce and build motivation whilst re-establishing trust so individuals can succeed and thrive post-COVID-19.

Amidst the impact of COVID-19 on social, healthcare, and business globally, there will be winners and losers. One way to ensure your business wins is to take a deliberate approach to create the conditions to re-engage your employees. This includes specific strategies to boost morale and commitment levels as well as deliberate support to drive performance and ensure work remains meaningful after the crisis.

Tips to Drive Employee Engagement after a Crisis

1. Deal with Reactions and Create Transparency
Deal with reactions to how your survival and defensive measures were introduced in your business during lock-down

2. Provide Opportunity and Support for Employees
Understand that Covid-19 will have changed employee’s expectations about work and life – the crisis has further revealed the fragility of life and many people would have re-evaluated where their priorities lie between their work and other commitments.

3. Empower Teams by Designing the Right Jobs
Consider how work may need to change as you pivot your operation for the future. Empower teams to test new processes, ways of working and design jobs to give people the freedom to exercise autonomy and accountability, as well as the confidence to fail fast and learn quickly.


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