Three Things Your Employees Need Today

Three Things Your Employees Need Today

“I believe that, fundamentally, people want to come to work, do a good job, feel like they make a difference, and be recognized for their work. Our job is to provide them with the skills, encouragement, and opportunities to have an impact.” — Beth Albright, HR Director at Day & Zimmerman

1. Skills

The role of HR and indeed the organization is to equip people with the skills to do their jobs well. This is achieved through training, mentoring, and professional development opportunities. You will find this at the top of the list of many employees.

2. Encouragement

Every team and its members need some cheering from time to time. In fact, companies that are able to foster a healthy reward and recognition culture have a higher probability of employee satisfaction and retention. Yes, it’s not all about money, recognising and praising achievement or even effort goes a long way to encourage employees to do more.

3. Impact Opportunities

Set them loose! Allow employees to take on new challenges, grow in their jobs as they take on new responsibilities. Challenging employees in this way will also help to improve their performance and long-term impact in the organization. Give your employees room to stretch their wings and soar.

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